Bumps In The Road


Sometimes plans don’t go as…well…planned.

It’s very easy to preach about meal planning, finance budgets, and decluttering schedules when you aren’t the one actually doing it.  Everyone’s systems and methods are different, and often we become discourage when someone elses path doesn’t align up with our own.

We hit a “bump” in the road.

It’s important to remember that just because something get’s a bit rocky, or even flat-out doesn’t work, that isn’t a causation to quit what you started.  You may just need to try a different ‘road’ to get to where you want to go.  Sometimes it take several ‘roads’ and attempts to find what works for you and your life.  That’s ok!

I know for a fact that meal planning and prepping for me was just never going to happen.  It sounds great on all the blogs and podcast.  The photo inspirations people post make it look even more appealing with all their brightly colored containers and groceries hauls.  Sadly, it just never worked.  For me, I would go to the food store and hate having to pass up whatever was on sale or in season to follow a set recipe for batch cooking.  I would go home, prep all this food and then never stick to the meal schedule.  Maybe I don’t want chicken fajitas tonight, maybe I want tofu and veggie bowls damn it!

Trying to adhere to that schedule was difficult with our work life as well.  Some days we simply needed to run out to do something with the houses, with no time to reheat or eat before hand.  Soon all this abundance of food was left.

It didn’t work for us, but it works for a lot of other people.  So just because it became our ‘ bump’ didn’t mean it wouldn’t work and we should just give up, it just meant we needed a different path of it to follow.

Don’t get side tracked from failures and give up, just shrug your shoulders and carry on with a different method.  All to often people get hung up on one failure and toss in the towel entirely because they feel overwhelmed, or discouraged.  It’s natural, and it’s ok, but don’t let it rule you and your life.

If one thing doesn’t work, try something else!


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