A Slower Life


There’s no mistaking how fast paced our lives have become.  We work harder, longer and with less payback in way of benefits and vacation.  Family time is often sacrificed to guarantee financial gains or to solidify our ‘careers.’

Although this may seem like a good short-term plan, one that will later down the line pay off with less hours and more income; it often doesn’t play out that way.  What does occur is a complete and utter BURN OUT.

Amongst the lights, noise and bustle; we need to remind ourselves what it is we are working so damn hard for.  It doesn’t matter how many long hours you put in for the sake of your “family” if you’re missing all the key points/events of your family.  Nor does it matter how hard you try to make more money and get ahead for the sake of your relationship and future, if at the end of the day you’ve inadvertently pushed yourself away from that person.

Balance is a key ingredient in a happy, prosperous life but it is also one of the hardest things to find and apply.  It’s so easy to watch YouTube videos on how to “find happiness and balance” or “minimizing your life to live more.”  The reality though is often much more difficult.

By the time we realize we’ve gone too far and need to step back, is the same time the damage has already been done.

The key is balance, yes, but to also understand that balance can shift depending on what is occurring in your life at that moment.  Maybe balance one month is waking up a little extra early before work to eat breakfast as a family before you head into work.  It can be as simple as making sure YOU are the one tucking the kids in (maybe the kids can stay up an extra 30 minutes to spend time with you, it wont hurt them and they’ll probably be thrilled.)  If you’re single or just need to slow down a bit, maybe allocated 15 minutes of your day to guided meditation is a nice step.

Balance can even perhaps mean completely restructuring your life, if that’s something you can and want to do.  It’s different for everyone, and everyone’s situation is different.  There is no one size fit all.

So take a step back and re-evaluate where you are at this current moment and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, what small steps can you do to slow down a bit?

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