Eating Healthy Isn’t Hard, But It Is Trickey


If you’ve ever traveled outside of the states, you’ll notice pretty quickly that many places have a very different take on food.  Food is for pleasure.  The daily diets can vary greatly depending on where you are (starch heavy Italy, dairy laden nordic, fish central Japan.)  The one thing all of these places have in common, that the USA lacks, is VARIETY and PORTION CONTROL.

Eating healthy shouldn’t be tricky, but here in the States it seemingly has become a science in achieving the optimal diet.  One side screams for no carbs.  The other for all fat.  Even more scream for no meat or no animal by-products.  Here in the U.S.A we have more “diet choices” than any other country and yet we are to date the fattest and most unhealthy country in the world.

How the F$ck did that happen?

This may be personal experience only, but I’ve noticed in this country we have very limited nutrition training in early school years.  In Japan (one of the healthiest country’s in the world and with the lowest BMI per person) kids are taught about proper nutrition very early on.  They prepare most of their own meals at school, are shown that home cooked food is better and overall are given a chance to appreciate where the food comes from.

Here, we do the exact opposite.  Nutrition classes are minimal (if any) and the food fed to children in school is an insult to man kind.  Except strawberry milk.  That shit is amazing.

The food ideology here is simply not up to the same level of standards anywhere else. It’s about how quickly you can get that shit into your mouth.  The nutritional content of those items are never thought of,  let alone where that food CAME FROM.  We have a serious disconnect to our food source, and honestly I believe that ignorance is a big part of the issue.

Another major issue is money.  A lot of families simply do not have the time to spend 30+ minutes preparing a home cooked meal and those healthy ingredients are becoming more expensive than the processed crap.  Our society has failed the general public in my opinion.  Why is it more money to purchase vegetables and fruit for a week for a family of 4 than it is to purchase a months supply of processed, fat inducing boxed/frozen crap?

That is a truly American issue.  Although processed foods are becoming more prominent in Europe and Asia now, they are still purchased far, far below the same level as they are here.  Honestly, it’s not fair to a lot of people who work hard and want to stay healthy.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Stepping aside from the money aspect, back to the endless list of “diets”, we can also see the confusion.  The reality is that no one diet or way of eating is for everyone.

Not everyone would benefit from a vegan diet (sorry but it’s true.)  Not everyone would benefit from a keto, pescatarian, mediterranean, etc diet.  There is no one perfect method of eating for everyone.  Personally I like to point to the concept of GENETIC EATING (I’ll write a post on this later.)  Even still that may not guarantee perfect nutrition.  You have to learn to read your body’s signals.  That isn’t easy.

Sure, eating mostly plant-based or even just all organic and free ranged meat is a great start.  The cleaner the food you put into your system, the better!  But that just is not a feasible solution for many people because of money, and the market is so cluster f$cked with people screaming that they have the right solution that it can be near impossible to navigate sometimes.

So eat clean. That’s it.  As clean as you can, as often as you are able.  The best solution to all of this nonsense?  Cut back on sugar (we eat WAY too much) and cut back on the chemicals (soda, preservatives, nitrates, etc.)

Do you need to go all organic?  It would be nice, but no.  Should you only have free ranged meat and poultry that was gently caressed and sung to nightly?  If you can afford it, go for it. Otherwise get what you can, just CUT BACK on your meat consumption (Americans also eat WAY to much meat and it’s one of the leading sources of environmental deforestation and pollution.)

Just try you darnest to be mindful of where your food came from.  Work within your budget.  Ignore the naysayers who come out every 5 months with the newest diet bullshit.

Just do your best.


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