Preparing For A Baby

I’ve entered my third trimester.

According to the app on my phone, the baby is the size of a vegetable that doesn’t make sense. I’ve received enough unsolicited baby advice to write not one, but possibly 3 baby books and the scale has become my nemesis.

I’ve been fortunate enough to bypass stretch marks and forgo the morning sickness, but I still long to wear normal clothes. I wish I could walk up the stairs without losing breath.

When did my ankles start to swell?

This is my first baby. My husband and I had been ‘sort of planning’ and sort of ‘not preventing anything’ for a while now. We already set into motion the roles and life we wanted for when a baby did come, but I can assure you when we did finally find out it was HAPPENING, it was still a shock.

oh…oh it’s actually happening now. It’s not just talk anymore. This is REAL now.”

Pregnancy is a complicated thing. At least people make it out to be. I haven’t been tracking or writing down my weekly progress on this like a lot of people I know because honestly….making babies is nothing new.

And honestly…people make it more than it is.

I’m not saying it’s not something incredible. It is. Hands down it is. It is something that you never really fully understand until you, yourself, is making a baby. The thing is, I just feel like people tend to make it more involved that it needs to be.

You don’t need all these fancy apps monitoring every hiccup or an online diary proclaiming to the world that you finally pooped after a two week long pregnancy clog.


You just need to rest, be healthy and be as prepared as you can. That’s it. Eat right. Move. Sleep often.

Today they want you to avoid this bucket of things, but only certain doctors will tell you avoid it while other doctors tell you their fine. Even more people will tell both doctors are wrong and that you need to avoid THESE other things.

Their great great grandmothers told them so, so it must be right.

Some doctors and people will tell you move, others to sit really really still and not breath much. More will say black while others say white. It’s all over the place. It’s confusing as hell.


Babies have been a thing since humans have been a thing. Yes, medical science has evolved greatly to make us the healthy creatures that we are but there is still so much discourse in medical opinion that it’s nearly impossible to figure out what is right and what is wrong.

It’s like politics! Gawd, I hate discussing politics…

Part of preparing for a baby is being mentally prepared to be bomb with baby related information from every direction. They sort of joke about that before you’re pregnant. Heed those warnings.

Heed them.

Trying to survive the onslaught of information is hard but before you can truly prep your little nest, you need to fly through the flock first. Even trying to prep the nest can be overwhelming. There are endless baby related gadgets that half of one group is touting as the holy grail of babydom while the other is saying to light it with fire and use this other thing instead. One half says use this magical cloth to quiet the baby while the other is saying that’ll kill your baby.

It’s all rather extreme and confusing. How can any sane parent prep for a child when the media is filled with contradictions?

It’s hard. That’s it. Plan and simple.

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