Celery Is The New Carrot

A humble and often forgotten veggie get’s a twisted makeover

Beet juice had its reign. Tomato juice went to the dark side thanks to vodka and Carrot juice became so main stream. My fellow crunchies love juicing the f%ck out of things. Some of the combinations are pretty stellar (apple and spinach are oddly satisfying) while others are utter disaster (looking at your parsley smoothie.)

So why juicing? Well, it’s a great way to add some major veggie punch to your diet. The problem with juicing, in my humble opinion, is the WASTE.

Most people tend to dump the pulp left over into the compost or trash. Well my friends, that’s the fiber you just tossed out. All you’re really left with is some veggie water, and that doesn’t always contain nutrient dense components as much as you would think.

Juicing can be great with liquid heavy vegetables and fruits, like watermelon and cucumber; but for pulp and fiber high ones such as beets and carrots…you end up tossing out a good amount of the good stuff.

Here is where celery finally makes its appearance...

Celery is a rich, mega healthy plant. It’s high in vitamin K, C, folate and potassium. It’s also believed in some holistic (and medical) circles to help combat cancer and liver disease since it’s so good at reducing inflammation (which new medical studies are now showing may be the cause of these.)

Due to celery’s high water content, it’s also an ideal food for weight loss.

The only problem with celery….is the TASTE.

Now, I personally love the taste of celery, but much like the cilantro controversy, not everyone can tolerate it. Celery is one of those flavors that most people can’t distinguish too much when mixed well with other foods, but on it’s own…repells them.

This tiny little flavor issue turns lots of people away from the mega health benefits. If you can’t stomach it, you can’t eat it!

My fellow crunchies typically force themselves to guzzle these juices for the sake of health and wellness, but the average person can struggle with the flavor. Let’s face it, some of these juices just aren’t good. My solution to getting non-crunchies to embrace the celery juice trend?


Pineapple is like pizza….practically everyone loves it. It’s sweet. Tangy. Can be eaten raw or grilled (yum.) It also blends really well to make a lovely juice. Pineapple is the saver here.

Adding pineapple to the juicing, along with some other healthy and tasty additions, helps mask the overwhelming celery flavor. It greats as a sweet, softly citrus juice that is easy to drink and holds up well on its own or even tossed into a smoothie as a liquid base. Hell, you can even add some gin and mint for a naughty little summer drink.

So try it out. If you’ve been on the fence on sipping on celery juice, this may be a great way to introduce yourself to this amazing veggie and reap all of it’s benefits!


Pineapple and Celery Juice

Will keep up to 5 days in the fridge

  • One bundle of Celery, cleaned and cut into smaller sections
  • -One ripped Pineapple, cored and chopped
  • -Juice of one lime
  • -One inch chunk Ginger
  • -one cup water and ice

In blender (if you don’t have juicer) add all of the ingredients and blend on low until mostly broken down. Slowly increase the speed until fully blended.

Strain into a pot or container, discarding most of the pulp. Keep some pulp for added fiber benefits if you’d like. Store in the fridge or enjoy right away!

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