The Makeup Detox

My fellow crunchies can attest and will passionately inform anyone who listens that conventional makeup is toxic. TOXIC.

Will your skin melt off? Probably not.

Will you begin to grow mutant green scales? Well shit, no.

It will suffer though. But not in the way you necessarily think or want it too.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. We often forget that key fact. Much like your heart, lungs and liver; your skin requires care and attention. You wouldn’t slather on lead laden foundation on your kidneys would you? ( I would sure hope not…)

What we put on our skin is slowly absorbed into our bodies, and although the exact level of toxicity in many conventional makeup products varies; it is safe to say that it is best to avoid them all together. With so many green and natural options available on the market for a reasonable price, there really isn’t an excuse anymore.

The biggest issue with conventional makeup is that the chemicals inside of them haven’t been test on humans for the long run. A short term study (if any are done, because the FDA does not regulate cosmetics) only shows immediate reactions to the products, and these are often performed on ANIMALS (such as monkeys, rabbits and dogs.) Many, if not all, of the chemicals in makeup are not held to the same esteem level of testing as medicine, even though it is directly digested or absorbed into the bloodstream.

There is also very little monitoring in what is put into makeup. Companies can toss in and mix in practically anything and immediately put it on the market. The EU a few years back banned well over 200 toxic chemicals in cosmetics. THOSE SAME CHEMICALS ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED IN COSMETICS IN THE USA.

Places like the have great resources where independent studies are conducts and listed to show toxicity levels of many products, but I would also make sure you do your own research before you slather something onto your face. Marketing ploys and fancy words often hide not only bad ingredients that will do more harm in the long run, but they often mask the fact that many ingredients are useless. Why pay your hard earned money on a product that is 80% water and 20% crap? Or dish out any amount of money on a moisturizer that has more drying alcohol than nourishing cream?

Makeup is the easiest place to start in a total health detox. It’s also the best place to start if you’re looking to dive into minimalism or lessen your carbon footprint. Most women (and some men) tend to accumulate excessive amounts of makeup without even knowing it.

One lipstick turns to twenty. Two blushes turns into an entire contour store in your drawer. The cycle is vicious. Especially with cheap makeup products it becomes so easy to simply toss another 5$ product onto the checkout without thinking.

The reality is we always tend to reach for the same 10 products over and over again, and you certainly get what you pay for in the makeup department. So let’s start with a challenge.

Let’s start a makeup detox challenge. Go into your makeup drawer and toss 4 items that are either expired (makeup tends to have a shelf life of 6 months to one year) or haven’t been worn in the last 2 months.

If you feel the urge to replace those products you toss, then only replace them with 100% clean, organic products. If they’re pricy, then save up. The act of actually having to wait may make you realize you don’t really want or need that product as badly as you’d think. So in turn, you’ll begin to gain a valuable skill in mediating where your purchases go, on top of see how important clean products on your largest bodily organic, the skin, is.

Share your thoughts below. How do you feel about clean makeup and would you think about cleaning out your makeup/cosmetics?

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