2020 is a B-Movie

I can’t recall ever experiencing so many thunderstorms before.

The house vibrates. Another shudder across the floor and I pray the baby doesn’t wake. Of course they don’t, the only one startled is me.

Mindlessly I flip my finger up. Down. Searching through a feed on Facebook that warns me of how everything is collapsing.

It seems the theme for 2020 is “apocalyptic-chic” with just a dash of conspiracy.

Perhaps it’s people ability to be continuously connected to the world, or maybe it’s the fact that no one has a single, individual thought of their own anymore because everyone is influence by someone on the internet; but it feels like there are fractions of sheep stampeding into each other constantly. This is not the world I remember growing up in.

Maybe we were tougher back in the day or maybe just blissfully ignorant, but I don’t think this wokeness has necessarily made the world any better. Not this year at least.

If you were to combine all the B-movies from the early 90’s that center around civil unrest, pandemics, giant mutated bugs, and reptilian alien governments over taking the now flat Earth; you would have 2020. It’s frightening but honestly relatable, and that makes it even more terrifying.

I put the phone down. The thunder rages on. Another passing storm.

Everything is another passing storm.

Storms come in, wreck havoc and then fizzle out and drift off somewhere, wherever they drift off too. Maybe I am being hopefully wishful but I feel like all of this will simply drift off over the horizon too. The only question is when, how much damage will it leave behind and will any of us be wiser and more prepared for the next storm.

I’m wasting time scrolling social media. You are too, honestly. I am beginning to think that social media has just started to sway people from side to side, like a captain of a boat purposely rocking his ship to make his passengers sick for shit and giggles.

Landloving fools!

I suggest we take this year, or what’s left of it, and make something good out of it. Self help. Self improvement. Self AWARENESS. These seem like some pretty good things to expand upon. If there is anything 2020 has taught us so far is that there is yet another level of hell we didn’t know about. That nothing is predictable, sustainable or meant to be black or white. Everything is shades of grey, erratic and painfully fleeting.

So much time is wasted surfing baseless, empty, draining websites or media. We waste so much of our precious time just distracting ourself from living. Yet we know life IS so short and all those hours lost watching nothing and scrolling and gaining nothing; is lost time. Gone. Never going…to come back.

I’m guilty of it. Honestly I am still guilty of it.

If we don’t acknowledge the problem, it will never be fixed, and it can not just fix itself. Nope. You need to want it to be fixed. Well folks, I want 2020 fixed but I am one little person so I will do the next best thing. I will fix myself. This a prime time to look deep at yourself.

Really look. No quick “once over” bullshit. LOOK. AT. YOURSELF.

Have you found yourself falling down the rabbit hole of social media? Have you wasted time on purpose as a distraction? Are you sick of how things are just in general?

Well turn inward. Look at where you can do something to make those things better. How can you help yourself. How can you better yourself so that you can accomplish something, help your community better or just finish something you’ve been avoiding.

Let’s make 2020 have a halfway decent ending.

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