It’s hot outside. Very hot. A melt the paint off your car sort of hot. The very kind of hot you would image if you were sitting in the middle of the Sahara with a fur winter coat on during midday.

The heat is oppressive. It’s sticky heat. The worst KIND of heat. Opening the door for fresh air I am greeted by a wall of air pressure change, that’s how heavy this humanity is.

It feels like the days of summer have melted into one long continuous smear. I have no idea what day it is right now. Every morning, evening and night is a repetitive repeat of the day before; right down to this molten air preventing me from airing out the house.

It’s very easy to lose yourself in this repeat game. Even easier to find yourself beginning to feel disenchanted. Aloof. A bit lost. You’re very core identity may feel a bit shaky. Who were you before all of this? Why don’t your interest and desires from before still burn with the same intensity? With all of this time on your hands, you should be mastering them.

Instead you find yourself simply drifting through the week. Monday. Tuesday. Weekend has come and gone. More of the same. A gentle rocking through time.

It’s easy to find yourself in a rut. Let’s face it, 2020 has been a shitstorm. It has been eye opening, life draining and one clusterfuck after the other. It’s like discovering another layer of hell after you thought it couldn’t get any worst. Is this what Dante meant? The most nauseating thing about all of it is that it’s only August and there doesn’t seem to be any solutions to anything in sight.

August. It’s ONLY August.

We still have time. There are still days, weeks and months left for us to take what this year has already tossed at us and make something good of it. There is good in all things, even in the worst of it. Let’s take a moment and breath. Really breath. Deep, stomach moving sort of breaths. If ever there was a time to start of meditation or mindfulness, now would be that time.

It may sound crunchy, and it is, but before we find ourselves permanently swept away, bitter as hell, let’s take a moment and recollect ourselves. We can be good, do good, bring good. We are still the future. Our children are still looking to us for guidance and we need to be just that; guides and mentors. Good examples. Every day we let drift off is a miss day we could have taken and done something with. Let’s stop wasting time with social media chatter or mindless television. Take charge of your life.

I repeat. Take CHARGE of your LIFE!

Stop letting the influence of others, of people you really don’t care about or even know, direct your life and feelings. Stop allowing them to take precious minutes away from you. Stop sedating yourself and open your eyes. Carpe Diem. Whatever you want to call it, do it.

It’s ok to be scared, anxious, uncertain; etc. It’s ok. It’s normal.

There is still time to work on self growth. Take everything you have learned, all those experiences and let them cultivate you into a strong version of yourself. Cut away the excessive fat of social media and internet, television and self doubt. Toss it out the door and begin a new journey.

2020 can be a good year if we all learn and grow from it. Get up and start living again.

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