Combating A Negative Mindset

I use to fancy myself a generally upbeat and optimistic person. Finding value and happiness was once easy for me. It felt like I had reach that mindful balance; leveled, contentment, gratitude.

I don’t know when the shift occurred. Perhaps we can blame the isolation that Covid has brought but at some point during 2020 I found myself slipping, rather quickly, into a mucky pit of negativity.

The exact moment when it occurred to me is blurry, but I found myself stopping mid-conversation. I was complaining about someone close to me. For a moment it dawned on me that during the entire conversation, which is really just me rallying off for an extended period of time, I had not mentioned one positive thing about this person.

In fact I had not mentioned one positive thing about anything. I couldn’t even recall when was the last time I had.

It was an aha moment, but instead of taking a step back and working on realigning myself to counter that bad habit, I ended up slipping further.

I quietly, slowly and unbeknownst to me became a dark, judgy thundercloud.

Humans are emotional creatures and today’s society is rather toxic. It creates a bad concoction for mental wellness, or people trying to work on their own mental happiness. Once you reach a goal you have to actively tend to it. Much like a garden. It’s easy to start a garden if you do your research and put in the time to plant one. If you don’t water it; however, or take care of it and pull out the weeds, then it will be come overgrown. At that point it is much harder to bring that garden back to its heathy state.

If we work hard on re-centering ourselves and practicing mindfulness and gratitude, we achieve a contented mindset. We become pillars for others who need that stability, we find happiness in what is already around us and truly begin living in the here and now.

Much like that garden; however, if we do not upkeep that maintenance, it is much harder to bring that back. This is where I am now. I have found myself so knee-deep in negative muck that I know I have my work cut out for me.

It’s not just me, either. Often we overlook how our mindset and how we talk efforts those around us. By focusing on the negative, by constantly mentioning only the bad; we push our negative feelings onto those closet to us. They in turn pass on the same energy. They become hyper focus on the negative as well.

This is how negative mindsets thrive. They do not thrive alone. They are weeds which grow quickly and take over because they are the stronger emotions by default.

We can do a 100 good deeds but it is the 1 bad that is remembered.

Today I will work on practicing more meditation. I want to be a good example for my child, my husband, my friends and family. We need more mindfulness amongst this backdrop of chaos, and instead of waiting for someone else to start we need to just bit the bullet and do it ourselves. My work is cut out for me but I need to become that centered person again.

Join me and find some positive vibes in your life. Start working on mental happinesses again!

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